Question:  What are the various types of contracts needed by all Arizona medical marijuana dispensaries?

Answer:  The following is a list of the contracts that all Arizona medical marijuana dispensaries need.  Because of the unique nature of the business and the risk that an improper action by an employee, independent contract or dispensary agent could cause the loss of a dispensary’s license, it is critically important that the dispensary have very tight contracts that protect the dispensary.  Each contract must be drafted by an attorney who is familiar with and takes into consideration the legal requirements imposed on dispensaries by Arizona’s medical marijuana law and the Arizona Department of Health Services’ rules.  Each dispensary needs:

  1. Lease for the dispensary site
  2. Lease for the cultivation site
  3. Application for Employment
  4. Employment Agreement
  5. Contract with the primary medical director (see “Clauses to Include in a Contract between a Medical Director & a Dispensary)
  6. Contract with the alternate medical director (see “Why Every Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensary Must Hire a Primary & an Alternate Medical Director“)
  7. Contract with Marijuana Grower Personnel
  8. Authorization to Conduct Background Check
  9. Dispensary Agent Agreement
  10. Employee & Dispensary Agent MMD Law Knowledge Test
  11. Employee Policy Manual
  12. Nondisclosure & Confidentiality Agreement
  13. Independent Contractor Agreement
  14. Premises Security Agreement for security guards
  15. Information Technology Agreement for computer services
  16. Patient Registration Form
  17. Patient Disclosure Form with Receipt
  18. Retail Sales Contract Form with disclosures
  19. Contract to Purchase Marijuana from another Dispensary
  20. Contract to Sell Marijuana to another Dispensary
  21. Marijuana Delivery Contract for anybody who delivers marijuana
  22. Buy-sell Agreement for the Owners of the Dispensary (the exit strategy)

Richard Keyt is an Arizona business lawyer and Arizona medical marijuana attorney.  I’ve practiced business law in Arizona since 1980 and prepared thousands of business contracts.