A. An entity with a dispensary registration certificate that has not submitted an application for approval to operate a dispensary to the Department at least 60 calendar days before the expiration date of the dispensary registration certificate or has not obtained approval to operate a dispensary issued by the Department is prohibited from renewing the dispensary registration certificate.

B. To renew a dispensary registration certificate, a dispensary that has approval to operate as a dispensary issued by the Department, shall submit to the Department, at least 30 calendar days before the expiration date of the dispensary’s current dispensary registration certificate, the following:

1. An application in a Department-provided format that includes:

a. The legal name of the dispensary;

b. The registry identification number for the dispensary;

c. The physical address of the dispensary;

d. The name of the entity applying;

e. The name of the individual designated to submit dispensary agent registry identification card applications on behalf of the dispensary;

f. The name and license number of the dispensary’s medical director;

g. The dispensary’s hours of operation during which the dispensary is available to dispense medical marijuana to qualifying patients and designated caregivers;

h. The name, address, date of birth, and registry identification number of each:

i. Principal officer,

ii. Board member, and

iii. Dispensary agent;

i. Whether a principal officer or board member:

i. Has served as a principal officer or board member for a dispensary that had the dispensary registration certificate revoked;

ii. Is a physician currently providing written certifications for qualifying patients;

iii. Is a law enforcement officer; or

iv. Is employed by or a contractor of the Department;

j. The dispensary’s Transaction Privilege Tax Number issued by the Arizona Department of Revenue;

k. Whether the dispensary agrees to allow the Department to submit supplemental requests for information;

l. An attestation that the information provided to the Department to renew the dispensary registration certificate is true and correct; and

m. The signature of the principal officers of the dispensary according to R9-17-301(A) and the date the principal officers signed;

2. An attestation from each principal officer and board member, signed and dated by the principal officer or board member, that the principal officer or board member is an Arizona resident and has been an Arizona resident for at least three consecutive years immediately preceding the date the dispensary submitted the application to renew the dispensary registration certificate;

3. If the application is for renewing a dispensary registration certificate that was initially issued within the previous 12 months, a copy of the dispensary’s approval to operate a dispensary issued by the Department;

4. A copy of an annual financial statement for the previous year, or for the portion of the previous year the dispensary was operational, prepared according to generally accepted accounting principles;

5. A report of an audit by an independent certified public accountant of the annual financial statement required in subsection (B)(4); and

6. The applicable fee in R9-17-102 for applying to renew a dispensary registration certificate

This is an unofficial version of the Medical Marijuana Program rules. At this time, ADHS does not anticipate making substantive changes to these rules before they are filed with the Office of the Secretary of State. However, technical, organizational, and grammatical changes may be made. The official copy will be posted on www.azsos.gov when filed.