A. A dispensary shall ensure that any building or equipment used by a dispensary for the cultivation, harvest, preparation, packaging, storage, infusion, or sale of medical marijuana is maintained in a clean and sanitary condition.

1. Medical marijuana in the process of production, preparation, manufacture, packing, storage, sale, distribution, or transportation is protected from flies, dust, dirt, and all other contamination.

2. Refuse or waste products incident to the manufacture, preparation, packing, selling, distributing, or transportation of medical marijuana are removed from the building used as a dispensary and, if applicable, a building at the dispensary’s cultivation site at least once every 24 hours or more often as necessary to maintain a clean condition.

3. All trucks, trays, buckets, other receptacles, platforms, racks, tables, shelves, knives, saws, cleavers, other utensils, or the machinery used in moving, handling, cutting, chopping, mixing, canning, packaging, or other processes are cleaned daily.

4. All edible food products are securely covered.

B. A dispensary shall ensure that a dispensary agent in the dispensary or the dispensary’s cultivation site:

1. Cleans the dispensary agent’s hands and exposed portions of the dispensary agent’s arms in a hand washing sink:

a. Before preparing medical marijuana including working with food, equipment, and utensils;

b. During preparation, as often as necessary to remove soil and contamination and to prevent cross-contamination when changing tasks;

c. After handling soiled equipment or utensils;

d. After touching bare human body parts other than the dispensary agent’s clean hands and exposed portions of arms; and

e. After using the toilet room;

2. If working directly with the preparation of medical marijuana or the infusion of marijuana into non-edible products:

a. Keeps the dispensary agent’s fingernails trimmed, filed, and maintained so that the edges and surfaces are cleanable;

b. Unless wearing intact gloves in good repair, does not have fingernail polish or artificial fingernails on the dispensary agent’s fingernails; and

c. Wears protective apparel such as coats, aprons, gowns, or gloves to prevent contamination;

3. Wears clean clothing appropriate to assigned tasks;

4. Reports to the medical director any health condition experienced by the dispensary agent that may adversely affect the safety or quality of any medical marijuana with which the dispensary agent may come into contact; and

5. If the medical director determines that a dispensary agent has a health condition that may adversely affect the safety or quality of the medical marijuana, is prohibited from direct contact with any medical marijuana or equipment or materials for processing medical marijuana until the medical director determines that the dispensary agent’s health condition will not adversely affect the medical marijuana.

This is an unofficial version of the Medical Marijuana Program rules. At this time, ADHS does not anticipate making substantive changes to these rules before they are filed with the Office of the Secretary of State. However, technical, organizational, and grammatical changes may be made. The official copy will be posted on www.azsos.gov when filed.