Except as provided in R9-17-203(B) and (C), to make a change to a cardholder’s name or address on the cardholder’s registry identification card, the cardholder shall submit to the Department, within 10 working days after the change, a request for the change that includes:

1. The cardholder’s name and the registry identification number on the cardholder’s current registry identification card;

2. The cardholder’s new name or address, as applicable;

3. For a change in the cardholder’s name, one of the following with the cardholder’s new name:

a. An Arizona driver’s license,

b. An Arizona identification card, or

c. The photograph page in the cardholder’s U.S. passport;

4. For a change in address, the county where the new address is located;

5. The effective date of the cardholder’s new name or address; and

6. The applicable fee in R9-17-102 for changing a registry identification card.

This is an unofficial version of the Medical Marijuana Program rules. At this time, ADHS does not anticipate making substantive changes to these rules before they are filed with the Office of the Secretary of State. However, technical, organizational, and grammatical changes may be made. The official copy will be posted on www.azsos.gov when filed.