The Arizona Department of Health Services just posted the Medical Marijuana Program Dispensary Registration Certificate Application and related documents on its website.  If you are interested in applying for a license to operate a new Arizona medical marijuana dispensary then you need to study the application and related documents and begin the work needed to prepare all the documents and file the application.  ADHS has not yet announced when it will accept applications, but it does warn that it will accept new applications for only TEN WORKING DAYS after it begins accepting applications.

The application states:

“In accordance with A.R.S. § 36-2804, nonprofit medical marijuana dispensaries shall register with the Arizona Department of Health Services (Department). The Department may not issue more than one nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary registration certificate for every ten (10) pharmacies that have registered under section 32-1929, have obtained a pharmacy permit from the Arizona Board of Pharmacy, and operate in the State. As per A.A.C. R9-17-304, dispensary registration certificate applicants must submit to the Department an application in a Department-provided format (the Dispensary Registration Certificate Application). The Department will accept Dispensary Registration Certificate Applications for 10 working days.”

The packet includes a checklist, the application and a document called “Documentation of Property Ownership.”  The latter document must be signed by the owner of the real estate on which the dispensary will be located.