Phoenix Police Raid 2811 Club

Arizona Republic:  “Phoenix police seized records, cash and high-grade marijuana after serving a search warrant at a Phoenix medical-marijuana club Wednesday.  Detectives believe Club 2811, 17233 N. Holmes Blvd., Suite 1615, twisted Arizona’s medical-marijuana law for profit, according to police.”

The following is the text of an email message sent by The Consiglieri Group on October 13, 2011:

THE 2811 Club was Raided by the Phoenix Police yesterday.

Even though a Superior Court Judge decided that the club can remain open during the litigation, the Police , under the direction of the Arizona Attorney General decided to ignore the judges ruling and attempted to close the club by force.  We are the only club in Arizona that has operated in full compliance with the law. We have made ever effort to be transparent in the operation of our club.  We have invited all law enforcement to visit our facility.  We have repeatly stated that if you can show us one law that we are in violation of we will close our doors.  The Attorney General’s office has  been unable to produce any violations. The comments from the police were,

We are going to close this place down one way or the other’.

The Attorney General has ignored the hundreds of  black market illegal operations that have sprung up across the valley in the past few weeks.  People illegally selling pounds of marijuana to anyone with or without a card. Advertising  the sale of marijuana on the internet and from store fronts , with credit card payments and  fedex delivery.  While this blackmarket flourishes, patients are put at great risk, acquiring their marijuana from back alleys and the internet. Patients are getting mugged and ripped off. Apparently our elected officials could care less about patient safety.  The police chose to attack an open , honest and legitimate operation insteadt of focusing their resources on criminal enterprises.  Public safety should be the first concern of  our our elected officials, but clearly it has taken a back seat here.  The Governor is intentionally trying to create anarchy in the  marijuana industry to justify a repeal of the law.  It is clear that this police operation was politically motivated.  All Arizona residents should be outraged, not about marijuana, but about this egregious government abuse.  The Governor, and the Attorney general have a duty under our constitution  to uphold our laws. The Arizona Medical Marijuana Act is the law of the land.  With their actions today, they have violated the civil rights of every resident of Arizona.

 The police removed all of our electronic equipment including our POS system, computers, and large screen TV’s. We are therefore unable to provide our normal  club educational resource services.  However, we will remain open to allow patients to exchange their marijuana.  We will have patients available that have excess marijuana which they want to  freely give to other patients as permitted under the AZMMA.  As always there is no charge for this exchange.  Additionally, until we can restore full service we will waive the membership fees to the club.  Consequently, admittance  to the Club will be FREE. ( you must be a qualifed MM card holder to enter our club).    Come get your FREE MARIJUANA, while supplies last.

Additionally, we ask you to show your support and visit our club today ( Thursday).  We also need you to sign a petition that will be sent to the Judge.  We will be open from 10am to 5 pm today. Please stop by get some free marijuana and sign our petition.

Allan Sobol”