Vice News: “When Andre Maestas decided he wanted to sit down in the street — the sort of random, possibly dangerous thing college students do sometimes — he didn’t think it would lead to his current legal conflagration. He says he was taking a cigarette break from a movie night with a friend on Arizona State University’s main campus in Tempe when his troubles first started.  ‘I was in the process of standing back up to go back into the dorm to finish watching the movie we were watching,’ he said about the night in March 2014, ‘and as I was getting back up, that’s when the cop’s lights went on and he came out and started yelling at me’. . . . Mark Johnson, an Arizona State University spokesperson, said the university’s policies are rooted in the same rules. ‘Marijuana on campus is prohibited by state law and by federal laws, including several that specifically apply to institutions of higher learning,’ Johnson said.