Arizona Daily Star: “For years, supporters of legalizing marijuana for recreational use have been looking to 2016 as the year they would take their initiative to Arizona voters and win.  Now they are split in a way that endangers the prospects for legalization.  The division is pitting many of Arizona medical-marijuana dispensary owners against the Marijuana Policy Project, a national organization that is responsible for its industry’s existence, having drafted our state’s 2010 medical-marijuana law and funded the campaign. . . . On March 29, the national policy project’s executive director, Rob Kampia, threatened in an email to ruin the dispensary business of Phoenix-area physician Gina Berman, who is leading the breakaway group.  ‘If you file a competing initiative with the Secretary of State anyway, we will specifically launch a series of actions to harm your business . . . . I’m already budgeting $10,000 . . . to pay people . . . to distribute literature outside of your front door, and the literature will not portray you in a kind way. We will not target any other dispensaries; we will only target you.'”