Vincent Mehdizadeh, founder and majority shareholder of Medbox Inc. issued the following statement about the Josh Crystal vs. Medbox, Inc. lawsuit:

“I just wanted to clarify that one lawsuit was filed and announced on the company’s ticker without, to my knowledge, obtaining the company’s consent. Thereafter, 8 different Plaintiff’s firms, or potentially just referral services, announced that same lawsuit, again without seeking the company’s permission in citing the company’s ticker symbol, in an effort to further solicit clients. It’s a shame that we live in a ‘sue first and get clients later’ type of world but that is the reality,” stated Vincent Mehdizadeh, Founder and Majority Shareholder at Medbox. “I was personally sued in the lawsuit and I can safely say that the allegations contained in the complaint are not accurate. During my tenure with the company I personally witnessed a very supportive shareholder base and I still believe the same holds true to this day. In addition, I will be personally engaging an independent public company accounting firm, on my own, to review prior periods as stated and address GAAP compliance, materiality, and fight this suit vigorously. Although this is not a formal company response on the matter, I needed to set the record straight and now I have.”