The Arizona Department of Health Services issued its 2014 annual report with statistics about the state of medical marijuana use in Arizona.  See the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act 2014 End of Year Report.

For more read the Arizona Capital Times story called “Arizona patients consumed 10 tons of medical marijuana in 2014.”  The story starts with:

Arizona’s more than 63,000 medical marijuana patients ate, drank or smoked more than 10 tons of the drug last year. . . . It comes out, on average, to the equivalent of one joint per patient per day, though clearly some are using more and some are using less.  And figuring an estimated price of $350 an ounce, that means Arizonans spent about $112 million on marijuana.

A new report Thursday from the Arizona Department of Health Services also finds:

  • 85 dispensaries were up and running last year;
  • – More than two thirds of qualifying patients are male;
  • – The average patient made 17 transactions during the year.