Green Valley News & Sun:  “Sahuarita’s medical marijuana dispensary is under new management . . . . The name will be changed to UltraHealth Green Valley . . . said Duke Rodriguez . . . . UltraHealth, which specializes in several aspects of the medical marijuana industry, including growing the crop, has begun taking over management and will continue to take over during the next month, Rodriguez said. The three full-time employees will become employees of UltraHealth, which has 25 employees statewide . . . . His organization, which is more active in the Phoenix area, is courting a group of five dispensaries . . . . ‘We have experience at growing and cultivation and a wider access to inventory,” Rodriguez said’.”

Sahuarita’s dispensary is owned by Broken Arrow Herbal Center, Inc.

Query:  Where and how does Ultra Health have experience growing and cultivating marijuana?  See “AZ Dept. of Health Services Confirms Ultra Health, LLC Lacks a License for a Medical Marijuana Dispensary.”