Eastern Arizona Courier:  “Medical marijuana cardholders who stopped by the Holistic Wellness Center in Clifton to purchase an allotment of cannabis Thursday came across a padlocked door and a handwritten sign indicating the business was temporarily closed. The closure wasn’t due to state or federal law enforcement officials, however, but was instituted as a casualty of a battle for ownership and the right to operate the dispensary.  The fight concerns an ownership group involving David and Kathy Sanchez against their former partner, Duke Rodriguez, and his group, Ultra Health.”

Duke Rodriguez and Ultra Health were never partners with David and Kathy Sanchez or Holistic Patient Wellness Group, LLC, the sole holder of a license to operate a medical marijuana dispensary in CHAA 83, the CHAA in which Clifton, Arizona, is located.  KEYTLaw, LLC, and Richard Keyt represent Holistic Patient Wellness Group, LLC.