A February 24, 2014, report by Citron Research starts with:

“As a service to all retail investors who do not have access to a Bloomberg terminal, Citron publishes the latest stock sales Form 144’s filed by Bruce Bedrick, CEO of Medbox (OTCBB:MDBX), as he sells $4.5 million worth of stock and tries to hide it from investors and the SEC. Here are the documents Form 144 #1 and Form 144 #2. And here are some of the more entertaining things we noticed

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Query: If you know of a licensed medical marijuana dispensary in the US that has a fully operational Medbox medical marijuana dispensing system please leave a comment with the name and address of the dispensary.

Query: If Citron Research is making untrue defamatory statements about Medbox, why doesn’t Medbox sue Citron Research?

See “Zoned Properties, Inc. Acquires Real Estate for Key Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensary.”