Vincent Chase, Inc., alleged to be the largest shareholder of Medbox, Inc. issued a letter to Medbox shareholders in response to Citron Research’s scathing review of Medbox.  The letter starts with:

We are being attacked by a company called Citron Research, whose principal admits to making his living by short selling companies. Now, I have never made any allusions of having a blemish-free past myself and have been painfully honest in company filings in that regard, but I don’t go around casting stones at others. In my opinion, if you are going to take that approach and pick on others, you better have a spotless past yourself.  Here is some background on our opponent:

We note two interesting items about the letter to Medbox shareholders:

1. It fails to mention that the sender of the letter, P. Vincent Mehdizadeh of Vincent Chase, Inc., is the COO and acting CFO of Medbox.

2. It does not dispute any of the allegations contained in Citron Research’s report.