Will Humble, Director of the Arizona Department of Health Services said on May 30, 2013:

“We got sued again this week regarding our Medical Marijuana Program.  This time we’re getting sued because the Plaintiffs think that our 1-year deadline for getting a dispensary up and running is too restrictive.  Basically, the Plaintiffs allege that the legal issues that have arisen in response to the White Mountain Health Center, Inc. (a prospective dispensary) case have made it unreasonably difficult for the Plaintiffs to be able to get their dispensaries up and running in the 1-year timeframe allowed under our regulations.

We have a court hearing on Friday morning (May 31, 2013) in which the Plaintiffs are asking for a Temporary Restraining Order delaying at least the June 7 deadline for submitting their application for an Approval to Operate.  Ultimately, they’re looking to extend our final deadline for actually getting their Approval to Operate past our August 7 deadline (after which their Registration Certificate expires).

BTW…  We have about 20 or so dispensaries already up and running across the state and another dozen or so have already filed their request for an Approval to Operate.  Also, you can see links to the other 12 lawsuits that have been filed on our website.”