Yahoo! News:  “according to Robert Calkin, president and CEO of the Cannabis Career Institute, there’s growing interest in how to run a successful medical marijuana dispensary, collective, or an edible marijuana (think brownies, cookies, and cake) business. ‘Aside from having a personal interest in health or the growing of [marijuana], people are realizing that this can be a legitimate lifetime career,’ says Calkin, who runs seminars around the country for $249 a pop to teach interested parties the finer points of properly running a medical marijuana business—without running afoul of the law. “Before it was a hobby or a side project you couldn’t tell anybody about,” he says. “There are now paid positions, and that wasn’t the case before.” In fact, the job can be well-paid. If you become a dispensary manager, you can make $100,000 or more a year, says Calkin.”