Former U.S. Attorney for Arizona A. Melvin McDonald wrote an article in which he expresses his opinion about medical marijuana and how he saw first hand how it helped his son.  He says:

“Nothing worked until a friend with severe pain issues gave him some marijuana, which proved to be the only substance that would curtail the nausea. This was prior to Arizona’s medical marijuana law.

So there I was – the man appointed by President Reagan to head the drug war in Arizona – with pot being used to help my son find some peace and to have some semblance toward a quality of life.

My wife had to be resourceful to gain access to marijuana. But if you are a parent, if you are a mother, is there anything you won’t do to aid your ailing child? The choice for her was brutally harsh – find ways to give your son life-saving marijuana so he could eat and diminish the nausea knowing that her loving help for our son could potentially result in criminal prosecution.”