Los Angeles Times:  “Federal officials took their war on medical marijuana dispensaries to Los Angeles on Tuesday, raiding several shops and issuing warning letters to dozens more.  Officials at the U.S. attorney’s office said it was the first large-scale federal action taken against cannabis shops in the city and said more would probably follow. . . . On Tuesday, prosecutors went to court to file civil asset forfeiture complaints against the owners of three Eagle Rock properties for allowing three commercial marijuana stores to operate: ‘Together for Change Collective,’ ‘House of Kush,’ and ‘ER Collective.’  The Drug Enforcement Administration also executed federal search warrants at three other locations in downtown, Boyle Heights and Silver Lake.”

See also “Feds Target LA in Medical Marijuana Crackdown.”

“Federal prosecutors looking to take out California’s medical marijuana shops have now set their sights on Los Angeles, where city officials have struggled to stop a blooming of dispensaries. . . . ‘As today’s operations make clear, the sale and distribution of marijuana violates federal law, and we intend to enforce the law,’ U.S. Attorney Andre Birotte Jr. said.

Note to Arizona medical marijuana dispensary owners and their lawyers:  Are you paying attention to what the Department of Justice is doing in other states?