The video below should be watched in its entirety by the types of people listed below who personally or in connection with any type of entity grow,  sell  or distribute marijuana (medical or otherwise) in Maricopa County, Arizona:

  • People who have a medical marijuana patient or caregiver card.
  • Owners of medical marijuana dispensaries and collectives.
  • Employees or independent contractors who provide  services to a medical  marijuana dispensary or collective.
  • Medical  directors of medical marijuana dispensaries.
  • Landlords who allow their real property to be used by a medical marijuana dispensary or collective.
  • Professionals  such as attorneys, accountants and tax preparers who provide services to a medical marijuana dispensary or collective.

In the video Maricopa County Attorney William Montgomery states:

Montgomery:  “Rather than allow people to take additional action an put themselves in jeopardy of prosecution at a later point in time it is more prudent now to let people know that their conduct is not authorized.”

Question:  “A patient growing pot at home is that person at risk of being prosecuted?”

Montgomery:  “Yes.  You cannot grow it.”

Question:  “Are employees of a dispensary at risk?

Montgomery:  “Yes”

Question:  “Are the owners of the business at risk?”

Montgomery:  “Yes”

Question:  “Would you open a dispensary right now?  Would you even work there?”

Montgomery:  “Absolutely not. . . . Part of my statements at this point in time is to literally help, help to protect those people from conducting any more business or taking another step in that direction which would jeopardize whatever resources they put into it as well as their own liberty.”