L.A. Now:  “Federal officials filed suit Tuesday to seize Anaheim properties that house six marijuana dispensaries as part of an ongoing crackdown on the commercial pot business.  Among the targets of the suits, according to the U.S. attorney’s office, is a building at 503 North Anaheim Blvd. housing two marijuana shops — AAA Wellness Center and Anaheim Patients Assn. . . . The suits also target other pot shops that previously received cease-and-desist letters from the city -– Premium Organic Treatments PCA, Mid-County Patients Assn., and DKG Group Corp. . . .  and Releaf Health & Wellness at 2601 W. Ball Road. . . . Federal authorities also sent warning letters in connection with more than 60 other pot operations in Anaheim and La Habra.  federal authorities said they have filed 16 asset forfeiture suits since October in California’s seven-county Central District.”

Attention Arizona Landlords Who Have Prospective Medical Marijuana Dispensaries as Tenants

Despite statements from legal scholars such as Arizona Republic columnist EJ Montini, certain Arizona attorneys and proponents of Arizona’s Medical  Marijuana Act that everything is groovy for prospective Arizona medical marijuana dispensaries, the land forfeiture lawsuits filed by the Department of Justice would seem to be a clear warning to every landlord and land owner that if your land is used grow, store or sell medical marijuana the U.S. government