Opposing Views:  “California’s most well-known medical marijuana dispensary, Harborside Health Center, was served with a civil complaint for ‘forfeiture of property‘ on Monday for both of their locations in Oakland and San Jose. . . . The forfeiture action is against the ‘third-party’ property owner, Real Property and Improvements, and was filed by U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag, who last October announced with the other U.S. Attorneys an escalated campaign against medical marijuana dispensaries and growers. . . . Since the U.S. Attorney announcement last October, more than 400 dispensaries have shut down in California, mostly from the specter of federal criminal prosecution or asset forfeiture. At least 300 letters have been sent to property owners around the state, threatening federal action if they don’t evict their dispensary tenants. However, only about half a dozen such actions have been taken.”

Question for prospective Arizona medical marijuana dispensary owners, their landlords, Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and the Arizona Department of Health Services:  Are you paying attention to what the federal government is doing to medical marijuana dispensaries and property owners who allow dispensaries to operate on their land?  Read “Federal Dispensary Attacks.”