If your dispensary needs a location to operate an Arizona medical marijuana dispensary and grow marijuana that has been approved by the City of Phoenix consider purchasing the central Phoenix commercial building located at 2620 West Encanto.  See the realtor’s information flyer and the zoning compliance statement.  Here is a summary of the property:

This property is the perfect location for a full service Dispensary, Cultivation and infusion Medical Marijuana facility.

The site is zoned  A-1 and meets Phoenix Zoning Ordinances.  Zoning ordinance specifies that the exterior building walls of the facility shall not be located within the following:

  • 250 feet of residential zoned district
  • 1,320 feet of a preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, secondary school or high school, public parks or community center
  • 500 feet of a public place of worship

This property has been green lined and granted the zoning approval.

Features:  Total Square Footage 9,595

  • 832 sq ft of medical/office space with a clear separation from dispensary/retail space (state requirement)
  • 660 sq ft of dispensary /retail space
  • 432 sq ft of a secured safe/ prep room (state requirement)
  • 657 sq ft potential production kitchen
  • 994 sq ft of event space
  • 682 sq ft secured receiving dock (state requirement)
  • 3,346 total sq ft of cultivation space that is separated out to support vegetation/flowering and isolation room
  • 1,992 of general office space

There is also a gardening storage area and a wash area that includes a shower and room for a stackable washer and dryer.

Security is one of the most important aspects of the dispensary center. The facility itself is designed with a secondary secured (barb wired can be added for even stronger deterrence) fence that can  be manned by a security guard that will ensure that only approved personnel can access the Cultivation area.  There is a an office space for an armed security guard (state requirement) And a private secured employee entrance.  Inside the building there is a key pad coded locked door that restricts non cultivation employees from accessing area as well.  Adequate exterior lighting is set on a timer system to automatically turn on at dusk.

Cameras located both inside and outside of the facility, High Resolution Color Security Cameras 960FPS Realtime @ D1 Resolution  ran by  a 1 TB hard drive and 150-day DVD recorder installed in each room ( exception of Restrooms) and around the outside of structure with day and night vision capabilities with adjustable 3.5mm to 8mm lens. ( a total of 32 cameras). They are prominently displayed throughout the business to deter theft and to ensure the safety of all who enter the facility and or grounds.

New phone system installed (including phones). New internet server and cabling installed.  Furniture items including safe and retail display cases are included in this property. (comp Dispensary, Cultivation and infusion lete list will be included the purchase documents)