The Press-Enterprise:  “Federal authorities indicted and arrested six men connected with the operation of G3 Holistic, a chain of Inland medical marijuana dispensaries which federal authorities say were actually for-profit marijuana sales storefronts.  G3 tried in 2011 to hide more than $3.3 million it took in ‘to maintain the façade of G3 Holistic as a nonprofit organization,’according to an Internal Revenue Service analysis. . . . In a civil forfeiture complaint, the government claimed that a forensic investigation by the IRS identified 19 bank accounts linked with G3 Holistic Inc. or individuals connected with it. The accounts had received $3.3 million in deposits during an eight-month period in 2011, with withdrawals nearly equaling that amount. The IRS concluded it was to make G3 appear to be a nonprofit organization.”

The six people who were indicted are:  Aaron Sandusky, John Leslie Nuckolls II, Keith Alan Sandusky, Paul Neumann Brownbridge, Richard Irwin Kirchnavy and Brandon Anton Gustafson.

Words of Advice to Medical Marijuana Dispensary Owners:  Keep a low profile.  Do not do media or interviews.  Aaron Sandusky has a Youtube video that not only got him on the feds radar, but probably made him a target of enforcement action.