Phoenix New Times:  “THC and other cannabinoids, including CBD, ‘can act as direct anti-cancer agents in multiple types of cancer‘ both in laboratory cultures and in the human body, according to a 2010 article in the medical journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. The article goes on to relate that a study showed THC and CBD were successful in treating glioblastoma . . . .  That study, conducted by researchers at California Pacific Medical Center Research and the University of California-San Francisco, was conducted in a lab and not on humans. It revealed that the combination of THC and CBD is more effective at fighting cancer than either compound alone, a finding that suggests the marijuana plant’s ingredients and oils may work together to produce beneficial medical results. . . . For millions of patients with cancer, chronic pain, and other maladies, the potential benefits of marijuana can’t be discounted.  Many consider marijuana a wonder drug, and the list of ailments that scientists say it benefits is long.”