Arizona Republic:  “Two Arizonans lent a medical-marijuana company in Colorado $500,000, but the company didn’t pay them back.  So, what did they do? They sued, of course.  But instead of forcing the company to pay back the loan, a Maricopa County Superior Court judge told the two Valley business partners they were out of luck as far as he was concerned.”

This story mentions KEYTLaw attorney Richard Keyt, the creator of this website, and says “Keyt wrote that the ruling could mean ‘that people who enter into contracts that relate in any way to Arizona medical marijuana will have to hope the other side to the contract satisfies his/her/its obligations because it may not be possible to sue for breach of contract and get a judgment against the party who defaults’.”  Keyt broke this story with his May 7, 2012, article called “Maricopa County Superior Court Ruling May be Last Nail in the Coffin of the Unborn Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensary Industry.”