On February 27, 2012, Will Humble, the Director of the Arizona Department Health Services said that during the prior week ADHS finished the final version of Arizona’s medical marijuana rules and sent the rules to the Arizona Attorney General for its approval.  That was 39 days ago.  What gives?  It does not take 39 days for the AG to approve minor changes made to rules it previously approved in 2011.

Will Humble is silent.  He said “We’re still on track to be able to accept dispensary applications in April,” but we are now one week into April and ADHS, the AG and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer are not talking about the law, the rules or anything related thereto.

Will my March 10, 2012 prediction, come true when I said the Arizona Governor “will order ADHS to terminate the implementation of medical marijuana dispensaries in Arizona for a second time.”