Phoenix New Times:  “Arizona Cannabis Society, a medical-marijuana caregiver collective featured prominently in a March New Times blog post, was raided today by Phoenix police.  Founder Bill Hayes is still being detained, cops say. . . . After a month and a half of undercover work, police served search warrants on three locations related to AZCS. At one location, nearly 900 pot plants were found — yet not a single person involved was a qualified caregiver, [Phoenix Police Sergeant Trent] Crump says. . . . Crump says, evidence turned up that the club was not operating as a non-profit, as Arizona law requires of a medical-marijuana dispensary. . . . In February, Hayes filed a lawsuit against Arizona in federal court in the hopes of changing part of the 2010 medical-pot law. The law allows qualified patients and caregivers to grow pot — but not if they live within 25 miles of an open dispensary. Hayes wants to patients to be allowed to grow pot regardless of nearby dispensaries. . . . Crump says police intend to submit criminal charges against one or more people connected to the Arizona Cannabis Society. . . . See the slideshow [Phoenix New Times] published last month about the AZCS by clicking here.”