“Until federal drug agents arrested him earlier this month, Shon Squier was one of Hayward’s most successful and generous young businessmen.  Customers lined up outside his downtown storefront, particularly on Mondays, when he offered free samples to the first 50 visitors. Business was so good that Squier, a former construction worker, was able to donate more than $100,000 to local charities.  But Squier’s success as a dynamic medical marijuana entrepreneur was also his downfall. Federal drug agents raided his home and business, arresting Squier and his store manager, freezing bank accounts containing $1.5 million and confiscating several expensive cars, motorcycles and $200,000 in cash.  Medical marijuana advocates claim the raid constitutes unfair, selective enforcement by the Drug Enforcement Administration of the estimated 170 medical marijuana dispensaries in the state, including 85 in the San Francisco Bay Area. . . . The raids on both the Hayward and Modesto operations support what medical marijuana advocates contend is an unwritten practice by the DEA of being more likely to crack down on an operation that has lost local government support.”