“A medical marijuana dispensary may be coming to a neighborhood near you.  After a federal judge’s ruling yesterday, card carriers said they are one step closer to getting what they want.  ‘By the thousands, hundreds of thousands, we see people come in here every day,’ said We Grow Owner, Sunny Singh, ‘We are not a dispensary. We don’t have any marijuana here.’ . . . ‘Any person or business, who is dealing in medical marijuana, is trafficking in marijuana and that’s a class two felony,’ [Maricopa County Attorney Bill] Montgomery said.”

The County Attorney conveniently forgot to mention that he was talking about federal law, not Arizona law which is his job to enforce.  He should have said “Any person or business, who is dealing in medical marijuana and compliance with Arizona’s medical marijuana laws is NOT trafficking in marijuana and DOES NOT COMMIT A CRIME UNDER ARIZONA LAW.