Phoenix New Times:  “Tempe police teamed up with Nevada authorities this week to bust the Yoki A Ma’ medical marijuana club, arresting six people. . . . In the three other club-busts that we’re aware of, though, either no charges were ever filed or the charges were dropped. Those cases, if you’ll recall involved: the Medical Marijuana Advocacy Group of Tempe (no charges); Al Sobol’s 2811 Club, LLC, (no charges); and the Arizona Go Green Co-op, (charges dropped).  Authorities could still charge the operators from the first two clubs or re-charge the folks from Go Green, (though Horne’s office told us a couple of weeks ago it didn’t intend to pursue that case, which was initiated by the Drug Enforcement Agency.) . . . The six arrested were: * Craig Allen Scherf . . . Nicole Dawn Scherf  . . . Richard Ray Hagerman . . . Renee Bruggeman . . . Rodger Murray . . . Mark Siegezwki . . . . Nicole Marie Clemens.”

See “Las Vegas woman arrested in medical marijuana dispensary crackdown.”