The Bay Citizen:  “IRS Claims Harborside Health Center Owes $2.5 Million in Back Taxes on Sales of $22 Million – Oakland’s Harborside Health Center — the largest medical marijuana dispensary on the West Coast — lost the first round in a high-stakes battle with the Internal Revenue Service that could spell trouble for the booming pot industry. In a letter to Harborside late last week, the IRS ruled that the dispensary cannot deduct standard business expenses such as payroll and rent, because it is involved in what the agency terms ‘the trafficking of controlled substances,’ said Luigi Zamarra, Harborside’s chief financial officer. . . .If the IRS ultimately prevails, ‘we would close our doors and go away because the business model wouldn’t work,’ he said.”

See also “Harborside’s Death Tax,” which says:

“The federal government is attempting to tax Oakland’s Harborside Health Center — perhaps the country’s largest and most prominent medical marijuana dispensary — out of existence. “

Read Richard Keyt’s article called “IRS is in the Early Stages of a War to Kill Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.”