Yuma Sun:  “The state’s top health official wants an investigation of eight Arizona doctors who together have written nearly half the nearly 10,000 recommendations for medical marijuana since the program started. . . . Humble said his staff extracted the names of any doctor who had written at least 200 recommendations in the 100 days since the law took effect. . . . One of those doctors alone had more than 1,300 recommendations in just 100 days.”

Arizona Republic:  “State health officials have filed complaints against eight physicians who have recommended nearly half of the 10,000 Arizonans certified to use medical marijuana, saying they failed to check patients’ prescription-drug histories, as required. . . . In one case, a naturopathic physician issued recommendations to about 1,000 people but checked the state Board of Pharmacy’s controlled-substances database just 56 times”

Phoenix New Times:  “Eight doctors who have written nearly half of the state’s 10,000 or so medical marijuana recommendations didn’t check in with a DEA-monitored database as required, state officials allege. . . . [ADHS Director Will Humble] asked employees to pull the names of all physicians who’d written more than 200 certifications since the program began in April.  The list proved 10 doctors long — and eight of the ten ‘had discrepancies between what they said they’d been doing’ and the DEA-database search log, Humble says.”