Lew Rockwell.com:  “Einsatzgruppen (German) – ‘Special task forces’ composed of police, military, and intelligence personnel deployed to target and eliminate people identified as ‘anti-German elements’ by the National Socialist regime; also referred to as ‘mobile killing squads.’ . . . Arizona’s coercive sector has benefited tremendously from ‘the overwhelming success of the asset forfeiture [program] in Arizona,’ boasts the Commission. In the year following creation of the sixteen state counter-narcotics task forces, revenue from asset forfeitures more than doubled – from $19,576,626 in 2006 to $40,297,456 in 2007. . . . What this means, of course, is that ‘local’ police agencies are essentially support systems for a plundering army that is literally waging war against the people in the guise of narcotics enforcement.”