Arizona Department of Health Services Director Will Humble wrote the following on his blog on June 1, 2011:

“A prospective dispensary applicant came to our offices this morning in an effort to submit an application for a dispensary registration certificate.   We declined to accept the application because, as I wrote on Friday, we won’t be accepting dispensary registration certificate applications until the outcome of legal action filed last week.

There were several members of the media present when the prospective applicant arrived.  One of the reporters asked me a question about how the decision was made to halt the acceptance of dispensary registration certificate applications.  I want to clarify my answer to that question.  The decision to halt the acceptance of dispensary registration certificate applications was collaborative.  It was the result of multiple discussions that followed the May 2 letter from the U.S. Attorney for Arizona – including conversations involving myself, the Governor, legal counsel and staff.  It’s most accurate to say that the Governor and I reached the decision to suspend the acceptance of dispensary applications in consultation and coordination, as is typical for an issue of this significance.”