Phoenix New Times:  “Burke compounds the schizophrenic stance by stating that federal law “may be vigorously enforced against those individuals and entities who operate large marijuana production facilities. Individuals and organizations — including property owners, landlords and financiers” face legal problems including seizure of their property and other assets.  Problem is, Burke gives no definition of ‘large.’ . . . Rather than simply make a decision, Obama’s Justice Department chooses to play games with people’s lives — and money. Go ahead, the feds say, invest your hundreds of thousands of dollars in a medical weed-related business. Maybe you’ll be a millionaire, or maybe you’ll end up serving a few years behind bars. But whether you’ll get the prize or prison will be based on a whim. Your operation may be too ‘large,’ while someone else’s may be just right. . . . drug cartel kingpins probably can’t wait for the feds to target state-approved pot suppliers.”