Rhode Island News:  “Peter F. Neronha, the U.S. Attorney for Rhode Island, is not alone among the top federal prosecutors in New England when it comes to threatening raids on large-scale marijuana dispensaries that have opened or plan to open and sell medical marijuana. . . . The action is more than just a threat out West. In Montana and Washington, federal authorities have executed search warrants at various medical dispensaries and grow sites. They also seized about $4 million from banks in three Montana cities. . . . In Arizona, Gov. Jan Brewer has been an outspoken critic of medical-marijuana dispensaries, but she said she respects the will of the people and does not plan on blocking the licensing of 126 dispensaries. She took offense at U.S. Attorney Dennis K. Burke’s threat to crack down on Arizona’s dispensaries.  ‘You know what I would say to Dennis Burke?’ she said. ‘Why don’t they enforce their immigration laws’?”