Arizona Republic:  “Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne will file a lawsuit by week’s end, asking a federal judge to weigh in on the legality of Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Act and whether those who manufacture or distribute pot under the law are subject to federal prosecution. . . . When asked whether she intended to instruct DHS to not issue dispensary permits, Brewer said, ‘we are moving in that direction.’  Her spokesman, Matthew Benson, said later that the governor’s advice to DHS on the subject was ‘imminent, in the next few days’.”

See “Arizona: Your Votes Don’t Count on Medical Marijuana,” in which the Marijuana Policy Project said:

“We cannot think of a single  individual — aside from possibly illegal drug dealers — who would  benefit from Governor Brewer’s actions today.  She has done a disservice  to her state and its citizens. . . .  the only  decision on whether the licensing of dispensaries would be federally  preempted has also found it would not be. It looks like Jan Brewer is  having a contest with San Diego County to see who can waste the most  taxpayer money on a futile attempt to overturn the will of voters.”

See also “Lawsuit could put hold on Arizona medical marijuana,” which says

“Brewer sidestepped repeated questions of why the state is not mounting a vigorous defense of the law.”