Arizona Republic:  “Arizona’s health director put medical-marijuana dispensaries on hold just days before he was to begin accepting applications, citing the lawsuit filed by the state in federal court Friday to determine whether the new law conflicts with federal drug statutes.  State Department of Health Services Director Will Humble is a plaintiff in the lawsuit, along with Gov. Jan Brewer and state Department of Public Safety Director Robert Halliday. The suit seeks a declaratory judgment as to whether compliance with Arizona’s voter-approved medical pot law shields state employees, patients, dispensary owners and others from federal prosecution.”

Here is what Director of the Arizona Department of Health Servcies Will Humble said on his blog yesterday:

“In light of recent communication from the U.S. Attorney for Arizona, the Governor asked the Attorney General to file a suit this week asking for a declaratory judgment from a federal court regarding the legality of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act and our Rules. We had been planning to begin accepting dispensary applications beginning next Wednesday, June 1 (continuing through June 30). However, as a result of this legal action, legal advice we’ve received from the AZ Attorney General’s Office and the overall uncertainty about the legality of the Act itself (especially the dispensary parts) we won’t be accepting dispensary applications in June after all. Whether we accept and process dispensary applications at a later date will depend on the outcome of legal action. However, we will continue to accept and process on-line applications for Qualifying Patient and Designated Caregiver ID cards on our website.”

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“Richard Keyt, an attorney who helps companies set up dispensaries, said the lawsuit is worded in a way that the judge can reach only one conclusion: the federal Controlled Substances Act trumps the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act. And Keyt said states cannot change federal law.”

“is anyone else disturbed at how a scarcity of dispensaries combined with thousands of qualified patients equals more black-market weed sales? By failing to defend the will of the people, Brewer and Horne will boost illegal drug sales. What concerns us most is how the politicians might use this fact to later criticize the program. My gosh, they’ll say, look how Prop 203 ended up fueling the cartels! What a bad law! But, of course, they’ll be the ones responsible if that happens.”

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