Arizona Republic:  “Those who choose to use, grow or sell marijuana under Arizona’s ‘medical’ marijuana law might not care that they are violating federal law. On the other hand, Arizona Department of Health Services employees who implement these laws very well might care that they are violating federal law, but they are faced with a dilemma.”  This story was written by Carolyn Short, chairwoman of an anti-Proposition 203 campaign and Ed Gogek, a Prescott psychiatrist who specializes in addictions.

The story links to a “legal memorandum” that states:

“Based on our review of Arizona and federal statutes and case law, (1) Arizona citizens who use, possess, cultivate or distribute marijuana, or facilitate such use, possession, cultivation or distribution, including Department of Health Services (“Department”) and other State employees or agents, acting in accordance with the provisions of the Act, could be subject to federal prosecution under the CSA [Controlled Substances Act]; and (2) the Act [Arizona’s medical marijuana laws] is preempted by the CSA and thus is null and void.”