As I have written before, all not-for-profit Arizona medical marijuana dispensaries must have Bylaws and submit the Bylaws to the Arizona Department of Health Services with its application for a dispensary registration certificate.  Both Arizona law (Arizona Revised Statutes Section 36-2806) and the Arizona Department of Health Services rules (R9-17-304(D).8) require the dispensary entity to have Bylaws.  Here is what the DHS rules say must be in the prospective dispensary’s Bylaws:

a. The names and titles of individuals designated as principal officers and board members of the dispensary;

b. Whether the dispensary plans to:

i. Cultivate marijuana;

ii. Acquire marijuana from qualifying patients, designated caregivers, or other dispensaries;

iii. Sell or provide marijuana to other dispensaries;

iv. Transport marijuana;

v. Prepare, sell, or dispense marijuana-infused edible food products;

vi. Prepare, sell, or dispense marijuana-infused non-edible products;

vii. Sell or provide marijuana paraphernalia or other supplies related to the administration of marijuana to qualifying patients and designated caregivers;

viii. Deliver medical marijuana to qualifying patients; or

ix. Provide patient support and related services to qualifying patients;

c. Provisions for the disposition of revenues and receipts to ensure that the dispensary operates on a not-for-profit basis; and

d. Provisions for amending the dispensary’s by-laws

See “Bylaws for Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensaries,” “Bylaws – We Don’t Need No Stinking Bylaws or Do We?”