Today is the day that Arizona’s medical marijuana law becomes effective.  As of today, doctors can issue certifications to patients and patients can apply for their patient cards.  Because there are no medical marijuana dispensaries at this time and will not be for until the fall, patients who receive a medical marijuana patient card from Arizona Department of Health Services will be able to legally grow up to twelve marijuana plants.  Although a patient with a DHS card may grow and use medical marijuana in Arizona legally under Arizona law, the growing and possession of marijuana remains a violation of federal criminal law.

  • Washington Examiner:  “Arizonans to begin applying for medical marijuana

“Since the application for a medical marijuana card is electronic, anyone hoping to apply in person or by phone with the Arizona Department of Health Services will be turned away. . . . Patients first will have to do about a half-hour of data entry with things like their age, address and medical condition. They’ll then have to attach documents to their applications that include a photograph of themselves, a photo ID, and a signed doctor’s ‘attestation’ that the patient needs medical marijuana and will not give or sell it to anyone else.”

  • KVOA:  “Medical marijuana applications begin Thursday”