Sonoran Star Remedies:  “Whoa, hold on there, cowboy!!! . . . There are severe ramifications to having DHS backpedal on the requirement (January 31 draft rules) to have each dispensary be in compliance with local zoning restrictions. I suggest that we take a step back and consider what it would mean to strip away the rights of local municipalities to determine and drive their own zoning process.”

This interesting blog post is apparently in response to “Alan Sobol Adds the Rose Law Group to His List that Includes DHS, MPP & AzMMA” that discusses Alan Sobol’s March 14, 2011, letter to Arizona Department of Health Services Director Will Humble in which he complains about the uncertainty and problems caused by the DHS rules and city zoning ordinances.  The author disagrees with Alan Sobol and suggests that the cities should be able to pick who gets a dispensary license rather than DHS.