Marin Independent Journal:  “The Internal Revenue Service has notified the Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana in Fairfax that it owes millions of dollars in unpaid back taxes, according to the alliance’s founder and director, Lynnette Shaw.  Shaw said the IRS audited the alliance’s tax returns for 2008 and 2009 and disallowed all of its business deductions. She said that although dispensaries throughout the state are being audited by the IRS, the alliance is the first to be told it can’t deduct business expenses.  ‘Every dispensary in the nation, past, present and future is dead if this is upheld,’ Shaw said. . . . Shaw said the IRS disallowed her deductions — for buying marijuana, hiring employees, securing office space and more — based on section 280E of the federal tax code, which states that no deduction shall be allowed for any business trafficking in controlled substances.”

This story is a wake-up call and warning to all prospective Arizona medical marijuana dispensaries.  Despite the CHAMPS case, which was decided in the U.S. Tax Court, the IRS apparently is disallowing ALL deductions of medical marijuana dispensaries.  Prospective Arizona medical marijuana dispensaries should consider this fact when doing budgets and financial projections for their dispensary businesses.  See “Californians Helping to Alleviate Medical Problems, Inc. v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue.”