From Will Humble’s blog on February 11, 2011:

We’ll be holding four public comment meetings for the Medical Marijuana Rules next week.  Public comment meetings are the part of the Rulemaking process whereby “an agency shall afford persons the opportunity to submit in writing statements, arguments, data and views on the proposed rule, with or without the opportunity to present them orally”.  We technically aren’t required to conduct these meetings because the Medical Marijuana Rulemaking is exempt from the normal process- but we’re doing it anyway because we think it’s a good practice that sometimes helps us make better decisions.

The objective is to listen to comments, concerns, and suggestions for improvements or solutions related to our draft rules. Public comment meetings don’t use a question and answer format- rather they provide a way for people to make suggestions in person.  We take notes and record the sessions- but we don’t answer questions.  Please note that the meetings next week aren’t intended to answer questions about how to open a dispensary.  Here’s the format:

  • Each meeting will consist of Department staff listening to comments, concerns, and suggestions for improvements or solutions related to the Medical Marijuana Program draft rules.
  • Please limit oral comments to the substance and form of the draft rules. Don’t hesitate to express support or opposition to earlier comments but please try to avoid repetition.
  • An individual may also submit written comments using the Comments Form that will be available at each meeting. There will be a marked container to put Comments Forms in at any time during each meeting or after each meeting concludes.
  • Please submit all written comments by 5:00 pm, on Friday, February 18, 2011. All input will be considered when finalizing the Medical Marijuana Program rules.