As I said on February 8, 2011, a “Prospective Dispensary’s Single Most Important Task Before April 30, 2012 is to find a site to operate the dispensary and enter into a lease with the landlord that ties up the site.  The must read article  linked to below describes the difficulty would-be-dispensary owners are having finding a site in Tucson.  No site, no application, no dispensary!

Arizona Daily Star:  “Now that Arizona voters have decided to allow the use of medical-marijuana, just where will those who qualify be able to buy it?  With strict regulations set by Tucson and other local municipalities layered on top of state rules, that question has become a nagging one for potential dispensary operators. . . . An initial challenge – before talking to a potential landlord – is finding a bit of real estate. . . . So far, the city has received three official requests from operators looking to open up pot dispensaries, he said. All three were sent back to the applicants because they had problems that would have kept them from getting approved,”