Will Humble’s blog:  “A number of published studies have found that using marijuana (and other psychoactive substances) is associated with an earlier onset of psychotic illness (notice I said “is associated with” rather than “causes”).  National mental health surveys have repeatedly found more substance use, especially cannabis use, among people with a diagnosis of a psychotic disorder.

The blog post contains this very strange statement:

“it makes sense to have some professional medical oversight at dispensaries to help protect the health status of the patients with debilitating medical conditions that will be using the dispensaries.”

Has Will Humble read his own rules?  The medical director is a figurehead with no real involvement with the dispensary or its patients.  The medical director who will rarely be present in a dispensary is not hired to provide professional medical oversight for dispensaries.  How can a doctor who will not see, examine, communicate with or have anything to do with a dispensary’s patients possibly “protect the health status of the patients?”

Under the  Arizona Department of Health Services rules, the duties of the medical director are almost exclusively to provide pamphlets, brochures and informational materials for use by the dispensary and/or distribution to patients.  The medical director is more like the librarian of a medical library that recommends reading materials related to medical marijuana.