Question:  When my nonprofit entity files its application for a dispensary registration certificate, must it have a conditional use permit from the city in which the dispensary will be located?

Answer:  Maybe. Arizona Department of Health Services Rule R9-17-304 states:

To apply for a dispensary registration certificate, an entity shall submit to the Department the following

6. Documentation from the local jurisdiction where the dispensary’s proposed physical address is located that:

a. There are no local zoning restrictions for the dispensary’s location, or

b. The dispensary’s location is in compliance with any local zoning restrictions;

The rule does not specifically state that a Certificate of Occupancy must accompany the application for a dispensary registration certificate, but the local zoning authority may require the dispensary to get a CO as a condition to getting the documentation required by Rule R9-17-304.

Bottom line:  Every would-be dispensary owner needs to consult with a good zoning attorney about this issue and for advice and assistance if making sure that the dispensary’s desired location complies with local zoning requirements.  See “Prospective Dispensary’s Single Most Important Task Before April 30, 2012.”