Something called the “Arizona Medical Marijuana Association” (AzMMA) has gotten a lot of publicity in the Phoenix area ostensibly as an Arizona medical marijuana support group, but it is not clear what the AzMMA is or if it even exists.  In December a lot of people, including me, attended a four hour talk presented by the AzMMA on Arizona’s Proposition 203 and the new medical marijuana law.  The AzMMA charged me an admission fee of $300.

I checked the Arizona Corporation Commission’s database today and found that there is no entity formed in Arizona called the Arizona Medical Marijuana Association.  On October 10, 2010, a firm called Suzette M. Brown, PC, PO Box 11528, Glendale, Arizona 85308, apparently filed Articles of Organization for a limited liability company to be called the “Arizona Medical Marijuana Association, LLC.”  However, this company has not yet been approved and does not currently exist.  The Arizona Corporation Commission says that there is a potential conflict with an entity name reservation for the “Arizona Medical Marijuana Corporation” obtained by Curtis A. Shelton on October 19, 2010.

A bigger problem, however, for the Arizona Medical Marijuana Association, LLC, is that Arizona Revised Statutes Section 29-602 prohibits an Arizona limited liability company from having the word “association” in its name.  If the Arizona Medical Marijuana Association wants to be an Arizona entity, it must form a corporation.  Curtis Shelton currently has first dibs to the name until his name reservation expires on February 17, 2011.

What I cannot tell from the record is if either of the above Arizona Corporation Commission filings were for our beloved, but non-existent Arizona Medical Marijuana Association manned by Andrew Myers and Joe Yuhas.  Is their AzMMA the third group that wants what apparently is a very popular name?

There is a website at that apparently is a website for the “Arizona Medical Marijuana Association, but there is no there there.  This site lacks meaningful content and consists of a single page with a small amount of text.  The homepage states:

“During its formative stage, the AzMMA invites you to participate in our organizational efforts.”

This statement is apparently total BS.  On December 27, 2010, and every day for the next three days I called Joe Yuhas who the newspapers say is the AzMMA man.  I wanted to discuss a very disturbing statement that one of my clients attributed to Mr. Y about the proposed Arizona Department of Health Services rules.  Despite leaving daily messages for four days asking Joe to call me, he blew me off and to this date has not returned my call.  In practicing law in Arizona for 31 years, I don’t ever remember calling somebody that many times and not getting the courtesy of a call back.

Why do Myers and Yuhas continue to say they are involved with a non-existent entity?  Who are the members of this non-existent entity?  Are there any members besides Myers and Yuhas?  Where are its offices?  The January 7, 2011, cover letter Andrew Myers sent to Will Humble with the AzMMA’s comments to the first draft of the rules does not have an address or phone number for Myers or the AzMMA.  Does anybody care? Myers letter refers to the leadership of AzMMA, but who are its leaders and why is their identity not made public?

If the leadership of this want-a-be organization cannot form an Arizona entity for their group and if the group does make its address and phone number and leadership public, why do Myers and Yuhas have what appears to be a very close relationship with Will Humble and the Arizona Department of Health Services and why does the media give Myers and the AzMMA so much press and credibility?  Just yesterday Will Humble and Andrew Myers were interviewed simultaneously on Phoenix’ National Public Radio affiliate.  What a co-inky-dink!  Read about and listen to the February 4, 2011, radio interview at “Will Humble & Andrew Myers on KJZZ Radio.”

P.S.  Alan Sobol and his Arizona Association of Dispensary Professionals also are not happy with the AzMMA.  See “Arizona Association of Dispensary Professionals Declares War on Arizona Department of Health Services, Marijuana Policy Project & the Arizona Medical Marijuana Association.”  Beware of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Association, the Arizona Medical Marijuana Corporation and the Arizona Medical Marijuana Association, LLC and a semi-secret club that really likes those names!