Yesterday, January 20, 2011, this website had a new record number of daily visitors – 569.  I started my Arizona medical marijuana law website on December 23, 2010, because I want to help people learn about legal issues affecting Arizona’s new industry.  The number of viewers has climbed steadily since day one.  Each of the last four days set a new daily record number of visitors.  This site has had 6,836 visitors in the first 29 days its been online.

My website at has had over 6,000,000 visitors since January 1, 2006, because it contains tons of useful information about Arizona and federal law.  I currently have two other law websites.  They are IRA LLC Law and the KEYTLaw Law Blog.  I just started a new website called U.S. Real Estate Law, but it is not live yet.  The purpose of the new site is to inform non-U.S. citizens about legal issues that arise when they want to purchase investment real estate in the United States.