Alan Sobol and the Arizona Association of Dispensary Professionals are claiming that the City of Phoenix zoning department has been up to no good.  Here is the text of a January 31, 2011, email message I received from Alan Sobol and the Consiglieri Group:

We have uncovered a scheme to defraud Dispensary Applicants in the City of Phoenix. Phoenix recently implemented a Pre-registration scheme fraught with Cronyism, Nepotism, Favoritism and Abuse of Authority.  To read the complaint click here: (  We have exposed the truth, now we need to wait and see what the mayor will do. If you were planning to file for zoning approval in the City of Phoenix I urge you to contact the city and let them know what you think about this.  [email protected]  If you have any questions or comments please contact me at [email protected]


Al Sobol

Read the Press Release found at the above link.  AZADP alleges that Phoenix instituted its medical marijuana zoning pre-registration without legal authority because pre-registration is not provided for in the zoning ordinance G-5573 adopted by the Phoenix CIty Council.  Quotes from the Press Release:

Notice of Intent to Commence Legal Action:  City of Phoenix Initiates Illegal Pre-registration of Potential Marijuana Sites:  Allegations of Fraud, Cronyism, Nepotism, Favoritism and Abuse of Authority

It appears from the evidence that the City’s “pre-registration” program was solely intended to provide certain influential entities preferential treatment with respect to the selection of their medical Marijuana Business locations.